How to Change your PIN on the Bank of America App


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Bank of America is the fourth largest employer in the banking industry in the United States. Bank of America employs over 136 thousand people in the banking industry, has over $2.17 trillion in assets, and has an annual revenue of more than $90 billion. Let’s learn how to change your pin on the bank of America app.

The company provides unrivaled convenience to approximately 67 million consumer and small business clients in the United States through approximately 16,000 ATMs and 54 million verified digital consumers.

With this many debit card users, debit card PIN issues are also very frequent. If you believe your Bank of America ATM or debit card PIN has been compromised, or if you’ve forgotten it, you have several options for changing it.

Most people rely heavily on their Visa credit or debit cards to access cash or credit. Although it is rare, you should know how to change the PIN on your Bank of America Visa card if you have one. Understanding how to change your PIN in various ways is an important part of managing your credit and protecting your card from fraudulent activity. You can manage your Bank of America PIN with or without your card.

There are several ways to change your pin. You can call the bank helpline, visit the nearest ATM, or visit a bank of America branch. If you want to stay in the house, you can do it via the website or app of Bank of America.

To change it via the bank of America app, follow these simple steps:

How to Change your PIN on the Bank of America App

How to Change your PIN on the Bank of America App

Log in to your online account.

The first step is to grab your phone, open the Bank of America app, and log in to your online account by typing in your account information.

Update your security information

To set a new PIN, the app will ask you to update your security information, so fill in the answers to the questions.

Set a new PIN and write it down

After that, set a new pin and write it down in your phone’s notepad.

Go to an ATM and change your PIN here.

Next time you go to an ATM, change your PIN here too.

Sign out of your app when you’re finished changing your card

After changing your PIN now, you can sign out of your Bank of America app

Enable two-factor authentication on your card

Enabling two-factor authentication on your card keeps your money safe, and you always have to authenticate before you or anyone else can use your debit card.

Change your email address on your bank of America account

Now to be extra cautious, use a different email address to use your bank of America account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the PIN on my debit card online?

Many banks enable users to alter or change their debit card PIN through the debit help center on their website or mobile app. Typically, this part is found online under security settings, personal settings, or customer self-service.

Can I change my ATM PIN without going to the bank?

Online ATM PIN Reset Using NetBanking

Almost all banks provide quick ATM pin reset via NetBanking. So, if you’ve signed up for NetBanking, you must log in with your phone, go to the cards section, and request Instant PIN Generation.

Can I withdraw money without a PIN?

You cannot withdraw money, check your balance in your account, or perform any other task without entering your debit cards PIN. Similarly, if you swipe a debit card through a POS card reader, you may be asked to enter your PIN to complete the transaction.

Can I withdraw money from an ATM without a card?

Cardless ATMs allow you to access your bank account and take out cash without using a card. Rather, they depend on text message account verification or a smartphone banking app. Cardless ATMs can operate in a variety of ways.

What is my four-digit PIN?

Look for the 4-digit code printed just above and to the right of your main credit card number on the front of your card. Your Card Security Code is a four-digit code.

Is the debit card issued by Bank of America a Mastercard?

Bank of America provides credit cards through the Visa and Mastercard networks. The only real distinction between Visa and Mastercard is that your card operates on the company’s payment network.


You have several options for changing your Bank of America ATM or debit card PIN if you believe it has been compromised or entirely forgotten. You can change your pin in various ways, including calling the bank’s helpline, visiting the nearest ATM, or visiting a Bank of America branch. If you don’t want to leave your house, you can do it through Bank of America’s website or app. You can easily change your pin with a few clicks on your phone.

Expert Opinion

Most banks allow you to change your personal identification number at an ATM or through a phone call. I always advise people to walk into a bank branch. Meet with a banker, explain the problem, and have it resolved at a banker’s private desk.

Once you meet with the banker, this process should take 10 minutes. In this way, you can keep yourself safe from online scammers. Please remember that if you have more than one ATM card, only one PIN is changeable. If you have more than one card, the banker must pull each one up separately and repeat the process.

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