How do I Delete a Few Transactions from Bank e-Statements?


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Technological progress has resulted in many developments in every aspect of life. If we talk about banking, then banking has changed to online banking, and statements have been changed into e-statements. Before that, there was no option to change your account statement or make amendments to it, but now it is possible. Yes, you can delete some transactions in your bank e-statement. Below discussed is the method to on your question “how do I delete a few transactions from bank e-statements”

How do I Delete a Few Transactions from Bank e-Statements?

How do I Delete a Few Transactions from Bank e-Statements
  • Access The Banking from the Website:
  • Log in to your bank by clicking on Banking from the navigation bar. 
  • Then at the bottom of the screen, go to the bank’s button. 
  • Afterward, it would help if you chose the Bank account type, which is the statement that needs to be deleted. 
  • The reconciliation option needs to be selected in the further step. 
  • Once you have synchronized your bank statement or even have imported it in the form of a template, in which you desire to remove any particular transaction or even have the option to delete the entire statement and then import it again. 

Further, it would help if you were clear that when you delete a reconciled transaction, the amount or the collection of the listed document will automatically be deleted. 

Deleting individual transactions

  • You can search for the transaction you need to delete in the lines section of your Bank statement. 

Further, you also have the option to filter out the transactions just by the status using the choices that are accessible from the drop-down menu. There is an option to enter some specific keywords in the search bar.  

Some Benefits of Bank E-Statements 

How do I Delete a Few Transactions from Bank e-Statements

Some of the major benefits of having an option for Bank e-statement are mentioned below:

Set up automatic bank transaction e-statements 

Setting up automatic bank transaction e-statement is beneficial as it lets you know your monthly transactions and allows you to delete any transaction. 

Look at older bank statements. 

With the help of monthly bank e-statements, you can compile your statements. Further, you can look at the older bank statements also for reconciliation.

Check the old statements for errors and fraud. 

Checking your old bank account statements assist you in finding out any human errors, or even you can locate fraud in it.

Review current bank transactions 

Reviewing your current bank transactions is only possible through your e-statements as you do not need to go to the bank every month, and you will automatically get your account statement in your hands.

Set up a payment schedule for recurring payments 

Another advantage of online banking is that you can set up payment schedules for recurring payments, as this will aid you in not forgetting any upcoming payments. This way, you will be saved from multiple late payment charges, or you don’t need to worry about your upcoming payments.

Identify recurring transactions you need to pay 

Further, e-statements are a great way to find out about your recurring transactions that are paid every month, and you do not need to worry or check again and again for the deducted payments. Your e-statement will clearly show the recurring transactions deducted from your account monthly.

Create a folder to store your list of paid transactions 

Once you get your e-statements every month, you need to make a separate folder for them to get benefits from them. Afterward, store all of your account statements in a single folder. So that whenever you need them, you will find all of your statements in a single folder. 

Organize your list of paid transactions with a spreadsheet program 

Another great way to keep track of your transactions is to make a list of all of your transactions using any spreadsheet program. It becomes quite easy to audit your bank statement as a well-organized spreadsheet will clearly show what amount has been debited and what is credited from your account. And after this, there will be no need to remove unnecessary transactions from the statement.

Manual method: Delete individual transactions from your online bank portal 

Apart from all the above, if you made any mistake or made extra expenses from your account that you don’t want to show anyone, you can easily delete that transaction. However, deleting any transaction is relatively easy. And for the manual method of deleting transactions from your bank statement, read below the mentioned steps.

Click on the 3 points on the right side ()

  • Click on the option of Remove.
  • Afterward, you need to confirm the action that you have taken. 
  • Then, the option of deleting the full statement will be shown. 
  • However, if you do not want to delete the whole statement, there will be a box on the side of the Date for selecting some particular transactions. 
  • Then, on the right side, reach out to the Sections. 
  • There, you will be able to find a trash icon button on the bottom side of the screen, and you need to press that button. 
  • Once you confirm, all your selected transactions will be removed. 


As mentioned above, the article completely stated how you could easily delete any transaction from your bank e-statement. It needs to be done properly so that there are no chances of error. Furthermore, try to be fully active when doing such tasks so you can follow all steps properly.

Expert Opinion

You must be very careful with every transaction you make in your bank account. As deleting transactions from your bank statement is a challenging task to do. However, if you follow the abovementioned steps, you can achieve your goal.


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