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The owner of a sole trader company is a company in which the business owner does not personally manage the company but is the business owner. In this sense, digital marketing has become one of the most important remote businesses in recent years. Thanks to the pandemic, this ownership business is growing again.

This is because it is a very flexible business model that can be run anywhere long as you connect to the Internet. In short, absentee ownerships are ideal for those who do not have the time to run a business actively. In addition to digital marketing, some absentee business ideas include laundromats, vending machines, and more, which you can find below.

Read this guide, I will share the best absentee businesses ideas.

One of the most successful franchise chains today is fast food. This type of franchise certainly has many advantages. So, the best ones are:

Best Absentee Businesses

Absentee Businesses
  • Laundromats     
  • Wi-Fi hotspot provider
  • The vending machine route
  • Fitness Boutiques
  • Poster business
  • Blogging
  • Bakery
  • The Uber driver business
  • Inflatable ride
  • The FedEx route
  • Academic advisory services
  • Start an aquarium house business.
  • real estate wholesaling business.
  • security guard business.
  • Start a private hostel business.
  • A taxi cab business.
  • Start a sports radio station or blog.
  • Start an RV park business.

Absentee Businesses: Definition

Absentee Businesses: Definition

An absentee business is one where the owner does not run their day-to-day operations. Instead, they have a management team and employees performing this essential function for them. If done correctly, an absentee-minded company can be as close to financial freedom in your career without actually working yourself silly!

Top 18 Absentee Businesses


Laundromats can be great businesses for sale for absentee entrepreneurs.

After all, the machines do the heavy lifting – the washing and drying (and your customers do the loading and unloading station).

The process is largely but not completely automated. To run this business successfully as an absentee owner, you need to do a few things.

Wi-Fi hotspot provider

This is another good business idea for absentee o because today, we are very dependent on technology, and we would not have access without the Internet.

Another advantage of this business idea is that you can start almost anywhere, including your own home. The best place to consider if you’re working on a tight budget is your home.

Also, the equipment doesn’t cost much, making it a perfect business idea for those looking for passive income outside of work.

Vending machine route

The vending machine businesses can be successful businesses for absentees to run. The idea is to set up vending machines in busy areas and earn money every time someone buys something from a vending machine.

The only part that requires work is filling the machines and taking the money, but this can easily be outsourced.

You’ll also want to equip your vending machine with useful technology that allows you to manage your business remotely, such as advanced payment readers and inventory tracking software that alerts you when inventory is low.

The software also tracks every penny you put into the machine, so you can hire a route operator without worrying about losing money.

Fitness Boutiques

The United States is the world’s leading health care and wellness market, with a volume of $39 billion and a growth rate of 4.5%. Forty percent of the health and wellness market is the fitness boutique. So, it is a business opportunity.

Therefore, it is clear that the fitness boutique is a great business plan for people away from home.

What’s great in this business is that you don’t have to be present to be successful. You can hire a professional manager and trainer to run this business. They can also find potential buyers easily.

Poster business

Poster rental can be a stable business that absentees can run. Like any other rental property, billboards bring in money without having to do anything.

Of course, a poster business is not completely automated like any other similar business.

You have to keep track of your business, find new clients who want to rent your billboards when existing business buyers’ contracts expire, and so on, but the day-to-day tasks are almost non-existent.


Blogging is probably our favorite business – it’s one of the most practical remote businesses. I’m not talking about starting a new blog now. There’s no shortage of that, especially if you write the articles yourself.

We are buying an existing blog that is already making money and where the current owner has done all the grunt work of writing articles and making money.

These existing blogs can generate high revenues relative to their costs and require little or no active participation from you.

On sites such as Flippa, Empire Flippers, and FE International, you can buy an existing blog for 25-40 times your monthly income.

So if you buy a blog for $10,000, you can earn between $3,000 and $4,800 a year, a 30-48% return! So decided to buy a blog

Unlike other businesses, you don’t have to control physical locations, manage inventory, do marketing (Google will send you traffic if you write a good article), handle customer complaints, supervise staff, and place orders.

Blogs are usually funded by advertising or affiliate links on the site.

This is just a nice way of saying that you get paid every time someone visits your blog, sees or clicks on an advert, or buys a product you advertise through your affiliate link.


This is one of the most interesting and lucrative grinding shops of our time.

You don’t need to be in the store, and you don’t need to know how to make bread. You need reliable people to run your bakery and come in once a week or month to check everything.

Uber driver business

The introduction of Uber and other e-taxi services provides opportunities for absentee entrepreneurs and is a great business idea because it can be operated from anywhere in the world.

It is a self-sustaining business where you have to manage a fleet of drivers and Uber.

You can hire drivers for Uber and provide them with cars or act as a middleman between Uber and potential drivers.

Inflatable ride

You’ve probably seen inflatable rides before, and you know how appealing they can be to parents who want to give their kids something special for their birthday or another special occasion.

The beauty of this activity is that it is very easy to structure as an unmanned business. You can easily outsource the intensive part of this activity.

After all, these inflatable tents are just plastic structures that you deliver, set up, and inflate. Structures are vacated and removed at the end of the rental period. It’s not complicated, and you can easily find and train people to do it for you.

The FedEx route

This activity can be a very profitable business and, if you structure it correctly, you can make a passive income from it. The business is very simple. Focus on timely delivery in your area.

And it’s easy to outsource. Most owners have multiple routes – they don’t do the loading or deliveries. If you have good managers and reliable drivers, you can handle the day-to-day work without them.

Academic advisory services

The demand for academic advisory services is very high and is expected to grow by at least 7% in the next few years. This clearly shows how good academic advising services can be and that parents are willing to spend money on this service.

It is easy to start and get the business started, and you don’t have to visit the main office every day. You can hire a person with an academic orientation and a reliable manager to run the business.

Aquarium house business

To start an aquarium house business, you must first find a location. However, before you make any significant property investment, you should consider the tax and cost implications of buying a new space for your business. For example, you will need to get proper business licensing and zoning requirements for this type of undertaking.

Although it is not impossible to do well with aquarium house businesses, some great examples are there that prove it can be done! It is essential to consider these factors before deciding where to place your new enterprise. Speaking with local real estate agents can help provide insight into finding the right property for your endeavor while saving on taxes and costs too.

Real estate wholesaling business

If you have a small amount of savings or money and want to start a wholesaling business but don’t have the needed time to take real estate courses and attend license seminars, learn about this business before starting.

First, do research as much as possible about foreclosures (this means finding out), short sales (same as above), and REO properties (these are bank-owned homes). You can learn more about these terms by researching on Google or any other search engine: “definition: foreclosure,” “define short sale,” and “definition: REO.”

Additionally, you can find out about the foreclosure laws in your state.

You should click on this link to understand how foreclosures happen: The good thing about wholesaling real estate is that if you can buy properties at 30% – 40% below market value through auctions or directly from owners (this means finding out, don’t forget), then resell them at close to 100% above market value, you will make a huge profit easily. The highest rate of return happens when you sell for between 100% and 200% over market value. So there’s no question why many people are starting up their own real estate business by doing just that!

Learn how to Start an Investment Fund for Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you own several 50/50 franchises, or are it better to focus on just one and do it right?

It is most important that you start managing each business separately.

In other words, I don’t think it’s wise to start one business at a time, even if both businesses are somewhat successful, because it takes too much effort and mental strength.

First, it is wiser to find the right starting point of what needs to be done and then build the business from there.

This is, of course, possible, and there is no right or wrong answer. Anything goes.

It depends first on the person’s needs, goals and expectations.

Sometimes a person doesn’t know which deal is right for them until they get started. You need to assess your temperament and decide, “Am I an empire builder? Do I want to have more than one concept?

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted. However, understanding your time and capital needs as an entrepreneur will allow you to choose a business that best suits both of those desires!

How can you start a successful semi-independent business if you don’t put as much time into it as the average entrepreneur?

Problems sometimes arise when people try to run a full-time business and turn it into a semi-independent business.

It is also important to establish whether the enterprise is structured as a semi-independent business or a concept led by a general manager.

When exploring part-time business opportunities, it is important to keep in mind that many franchisors have developed a business model that operates on a part-time basis.

How do you become a remote owner?

The first step is to choose a franchise business to invest in.

Unlike owners/operators, it’s not important to find a concept that fits your taste. Investigate as many as possible, for example, by reading specialized magazines, searching the internet, and visiting a franchise expo.

Find an expert to help you in the world of franchising. Their services are usually free, and they know a lot about franchises.

Take the time to talk to former and current franchisees to learn more about running a franchise business. One can learn a lot from the differences and mistakes of others. If you have the money to invest in a franchise business, now is the time to get started.

Can you be an absentee franchise owner?

If you wish, it is possible. The most important thing to research before making an investment in a franchise business in these cases is to do your research before investing in a franchise business.

Because as well as making a lot of money, you can also lose it if you can’t find qualified staff.

It is also possible to set up and run a semi-active business while doing other tasks. Typically, farming requires 10 to 15 hours a week.

What is a semi-ambitious owner?

Owning an absentee franchise can provide additional income, diversify existing income streams and generate capital while allowing the owner to maintain their day job.

The owner hires managers to take care of the day-to-day operations and then focuses on strategy and running the business.

This type of franchise is a good choice for people with good communication skills.

No industry knowledge is necessary as the company employs managers with the necessary experience.

Which type of franchise is best to buy?

  • McDonald’s
  • Category: Food
  • Franchise fee: USD 45,000
  • Initial investment: USD 1,008,000 – USD 2,214,080
  • Financing: Yes, through a third party.

Information about McDonald’s franchises: To own an Arcos Dorados business, you need to make a substantial initial investment. However, you will gain knowledge, recognition, and years of experience in the fast-food industry with this investment.

What is an absentee franchise?

An absentee franchise means that you own the franchise system but do not run it. Instead, you hire managers and staff to manage the day-to-day operations.

Bottom Line

Knowing which license is right for you requires a bit of research. In addition, you should analyze the franchise agreement of the potential franchisee as part of a larger franchise agreement (preferably with the help of a lawyer or accountant).

It is good to talk to as many existing franchisees as possible and find out about your considering franchise. It is the most accurate way to have detailed and concrete answers to your questions about profitability.

If a franchise is not right for you, you can consider many other franchise opportunities so that you don’t have to make an uncertain decision.

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