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Are Morgan Dollars a Good Investment | Valid Considerations to Learn

Are Morgan Dollars a Good Investment | Valid Considerations to Learn


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Are Morgan dollars a good investment? This is a question frequently asked in the financial world. As a result, we’ve written this article to assist you. The Morgan Dollar set was first issued in 1878 and published yearly until 1904. The design gets revived in 1921, but only for a year.

This was to address a silver scarcity brought on in part by the Great World War, which concluded in 1918. Morgan Dollars are among the world’s most popular coins. The US Mint is re-imagining these intriguing issues, and the result is a lot of excitement.

Morgan Dollars are among the world’s most popular coins. It’s almost hard to find a dealer with these coins in their inventory if you go to a large coin exhibition. This is not the case if the vendor is a currency dealer, exonumia expert, an ancient coin distributor, or a global coin or currency trader.

Almost everybody has them in their inventory, and the enormous, heavy, silver antique coins get regularly traded. That’s a positive indication, with over 34 Troy ounces of silver and 100 years of recorded history steeped in America’s West.

The currency is named for George T. Morgan and has a symbolic image of Miss Liberty on the reverse. The reverse, of course, features a beautiful American Bald Eagle with wings outspread with shafts and an olive branch clutched in its beak.

This shows that it gets genuinely prepared for war or peace. This article stands to show you if Morgan dollars is a good investment. Come along!

Morgan Dollars History

Are Morgan Dollars a Good Investment

Another result of the World War was willingness to compromise, so the United States Mint abandoned Morgan’s design and commissioned Anthony de Francisci, an Italian immigrant, to design a coin that would symbolize America’s desire for peace.

De Francisci designed the Peace Silver Dollar. Between 1921 and 1935, the coins get produced. And his design wasn’t all that dissimilar to Morgan’s! Miss Liberty is shown symbolically on the front, while an American Bald Eagle gets depicted on the reverse.

This time, though, the eagle’s design was more modest. This time there were no outspread wings. The eagle is perched on a rock, patiently observing the world’s happenings develop, but the word “PEACE” gets written at the foot of the stone. From 1921 until 1928, and then again between 1934 and 1935, Peace Dollars get produced.

While individual dates and mintmarks from the Morgan series are rare and costly, most collectors can afford a date or mintmark set of Peace dollars. These series have been idle since 1935, except for 1964, when President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered the Denver Mint to strike 45 million 1964-dated coins to address a coin shortfall.

However, in 1965, the presidential decree was overturned, and all coins burned. However, there have been claims that some of the coins have escaped. None have appeared too far. Therefore it is just a rumor. For the following 56 years, the Morgan and Peace dollar series both went back to sleep.

Are Morgan Dollars a Good Investment?

Are Morgan Dollars a Good Investment

Yes. Morgan dollars coins have become quite popular among coin collectors as an investment instrument since they are inexpensive to purchase. They’ve also done well as an investment in the past and are stunning to look at.

But, like with other investments, if you want to beat the dealer’s earnings, you must first do your study. Inflation, rare coin appreciation in general, and understanding which specimens to purchase in particular are all factors to consider.

This will aid you in avoiding making a mistake and losing money. As a general rule, expected date Morgan dollars with a grade of less than AU-50 are only approximately their silver bullion value.

There are, of course, certain exceptions, particularly for Morgan Dollars coined at Carson City. However, most Morgan dollars on the market today never got used as ordinary currency.

The primary reason for this is that throughout the 1800s, the United States Mint manufactured hundreds of millions more Morgan’s than were required to fulfill trade needs. As a result, they languished in vaults for nearly a century.

Morgan Dollars Investment: Valid Considerations

Morgan Dollars Investment: Valid Considerations

There are several essential things to ponder when purchasing Morgan dollars. This includes the following:

Purchase the book before purchasing the coin.

Dishonest merchants may try to persuade you that the Morgan Dollar is in Mint State makes it very valuable only because it is 60 to 80 years old. MS-63 examples for almost half of the mint/date combinations trade for $35 to $70 apiece.

Telemarketers get paid anything between $350 and $700 for the same coins. Which investment is the wiser? Obtaining the Red Book and determining the current market value of Morgan’s is crucial.

Invest in Morgan dollars of the highest grade

Because most Morgan dollar coins are in better grades than most other series, you should only buy in the best quality examples. You should get Proof Morgan silver dollars if you can afford it since they have fared well as investments.

The highly high-quality coins, MS-65 or higher, are the best investments. They are more expensive than MS-60 and MS-63. However, in the era of encapsulated coins, their extreme rarity makes them a valuable asset.

Don’t forget to think about the source

When purchasing rare coins, such as Morgan dollars, another critical factor is supplying the coin grade. There is a significant price difference between MS-63 and MS-65, and not all dealers and grading agencies use the same grading criteria.

Coins in slabs from PCGS and NGC are more valuable than coins in slabs from other grading agencies. There is a pricing difference because PCGS and NGC have uniform, stringent, and essentially non-subjective grading standards.

Keep your Morgan dollars in a safe that you have access to.

Finally, always take receipt of your Morgan silver dollars in person after you’ve made an educated choice to invest in one. Don’t believe the dealer guarantees that your coins will be stored and maintained in a safe vault.

Find another dealer if the dealer can’t provide the currencies you’re purchasing in a prominent third-party grading firm slab.

Put your assets in a safety deposit box if you don’t have a suitable built-in, fireproof vault to keep them in. Take the essential safeguards to secure your investment if you want to keep your coins in a private house.

The safe you choose should be burglar-proof, fireproof, and firmly fastened to the floor. Furthermore, your safe should be kept in a climate-controlled atmosphere.

Avoid storing your money in basements and attics, where temperature and moisture may cause harm. Always keep in mind that Morgan’s silver dollars might get used to fund your retirement, so don’t allow them to go missing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Morgan dollars a good investment?

Yes. Morgan dollars coins have become quite popular among coin collectors as an investment instrument since they are inexpensive to purchase. They’ve also done well as an investment in the past and are stunning to look at.

Will the value of Morgan dollars increase?

For the last many months, these prices have remained unchanged. However, we anticipate rising costs once the 2021-dated Morgan and Peace silver dollars are published. The United States Mint has yet to publish a projected issue date on their website.

How much will the Morgan Dollar be worth in 2021?

These coins, which cost $85 apiece, are 999 silver and uncirculated polish. Each currency has a restriction of three orders per household.

What year does Morgan dollars have the most value?

S. 1893 the very unusual key-date S 1893 Morgan is the showcase that most enthusiasts need to complete their collections, but obtaining one is challenging! The most valuable Morgan dollar ever coined at a branch mint is this rare 90% silver dollar.

Is it possible to accumulate Morgan dollars?

Yes. Outside of the Lincoln cent, Morgan’s Dollars and Peace Dollars — sometimes referred to as “silver dollars” — are the most coveted coins in the world. They’re also among the rarest and most valuable slider dollars or almost uncirculated coins. They are, however, not the most valuable coins.

What is the best way of cleaning Morgan’s silver dollars?

The following techniques can help you clean Morgan silver dollars:

  • Use aluminum foil to line the container.
  • Make a sprinkling of Baking Soda.
  • Insert Tarnished Silver Coins.
  • Add more baking soda and hot water to the mixture.
  • Remove Tarnish and Grime.
  • Using cold water, rinse the silver coin.
  • Look through your coins.

Is it possible to put a magnet to a Morgan silver dollar?

No. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are non-magnetic precious metals. It is most likely false if your coin gets drawn to a powerful magnet, such as an earthly magnet.


In conclusion, Morgan dollars provides an excellent investment option for many people. And if you need more help in this regard, the above highlight of “is Morgan dollars a good investment” will aid you immensely.

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